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Evaluation of Chipco Proxy and EXP 310309 for Use as a Turf Growth Regulator on Kikuyugrass Fairways

Summary: In replicated field trials conducted on a kikuyugrass nursery that was mowed at fairway height, the effect of the experimental product ethephon (Proxy) or a combination of ethephon plus cyclanilide (EXP 310309) on turf quality, turf growth regulation and scalping was evaluated. Key results include:

  • A single application of Proxy at either 5 oz or 10 oz/1000 square feet had little or no effect on growth regulation of kikuyugrass, with significant clipping reductions observed on only one (5 oz rate) or two (10 oz rate) out of a total of six sampling dates. The addition of cyclanilide to ethephon, in the form of EXP 310309, had a small but positive effect on performance, with significant clipping reductions observed on two sampling dates (2.5 oz rate) or three sampling dates (5.0 ozrate). However, in contrast, Primo L (0.5 oz/1000 square feet) resulted in significantly reduced clipping rates on all six sampling dates.
  • Turf quality was not improved through application of Proxy or EXP310309 at any of the rates tested. In contrast, Primo L (0.5 oz/1000 square feet) produced turf with significantly improved quality (when compared to the non-treated check) on all six sampling dates.
  • The degree of scalping (appearance of brownish, stubbly, unisghtly areas, as a result of mowing) of kikuyugrass was not consistently reduced through application of either Proxy or EXP310309. In contrast, application of Primo L resulted in signficant reductions in scalping on all sampling dates.
  • In general, EXP310309 performed slightly better than Proxy in terms of growth regulation, turf quality and reduced scalping, suggesting that the addition of cyclanilide to ethephon has a beneficial effect. However, the improvement in performance was small, and still did not result in commercially acceptable performance. For these reasons, neither product was judged to demonstrate commercial viability for use as a growth regulator on kikuyugrass fairways.

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Principal Investigators: Wendy Gelernter, Ph.D. and Larry J. Stowell, Ph.D., CPPP, CPAg

Cooperator:  Bruce Duenow, La Jolla Country Club, La Jolla, CA.

Sponsor:  Chris Olsen, Rhone-Poulenc

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