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Privacy Policy

PACE Turf is committed to protecting your privacy. We do not rent, sell or share your personal information with any other people or organizations for any purpose. The following discloses our information collection and use practices.

Information collection: To view free public services on the homepage, the tour or Super Journal, it is not necessary to join PACE Turf. However, PACE Turf membership is required for access to restricted areas including Updates, Weather, Insights, Clubhouse Editions, Gallery, References and Highlights. When you join, we will request that you provide personal information such as your name, e-mail address, street address or phone number for membership initiation. This personal information is used to communicate with customers and to verify identity during support and customer service requests. PACE Turf uses a member ID number, an assigned site member name (user name), and a password chosen by our members and registered participants to permit them access to our restricted services. We use your IP address as recorded in our site logs only as needed to help diagnose problems with our server, and to administer our Web site. We do not use IP address logs to track your session or your behavior on our site, and they are not shared with other sites.

Credit card transactions: All credit card transactions conducted during a transaction with the PACE Turf Website are executed using Stripe and a Token-based information exchange so that no credit card information is stored on PACE Turf servers. Stripe, a GDPR compliant business conducts the actual transaction.

Cookie technology: PACE Turf uses browser cookies to improve web navigation on the member pages, and to save access permissions for our members so that they do not have to log in multiple times as they attempt to access restricted pages during a single online session. These cookies do not contain any Personally Identifiable Information (PII), and are not shared with any other web site. Users who do not accept cookies from the domain may not be able to access most areas of the PACE Turf website.

Corrections and updates: Members may change their membership information (password, contact information) at any time by logging in, clicking on the the My Account section and making the appropriate changes in the "Change password/edit profile" area.

If you have questions about the privacy policy, please Contact us .

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