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Demystifying soil analyses

Getting your soil reports back from the lab should be an enlightening and helpful event. But for many, the prospect of having to interpret soil test data is confusing and intimidating instead. We hope that we can help out with this problem.

The three documents below were designed to assist you in interpreting soil test data, and in using the data to make decisions about your fertility programs.

  1. Demystifying soil analyses
  2. Minimum Levels for Sustainable Nutrition (MLSN) soil guidelines
  3. Conventional soil guidelines

Conventional soil guidelines

Conventional soil guidelines generally target higher soil nutrition levels than the Minimum Level for Sustainable Nutrition (MLSN) guidelines. Both sets of guidelines can support growth of high quality turf, but the MLSN guidelines strive to do so by targeting the minimum levels of nutrients required.

Research advances in soil management: The Bouyoucos Conference

The Bouyoucos Conference on the Advances in Research on Soil Biological, Chemical and Physical Properties for Sustainable Constructed Rootzones recently brought together agronomists, plant and soil scientists from around the globe to share information on soil biopysical, biochemical and hydrological research that impacts constructed root zones, such as those on golf courses and sports fields.

PACE Turf's Larry Stowell was an invited speaker, where he shared the work he has been doing with Dr. Micah Woods on reduced fertilizer inputs, coined the Minimum Levels for Sustainable Nutrition (MLSN) Guidelines.

Stay tuned for Larry's reports on the most interesting research results from this meeting.

By the way, Dr. George Bouyoucos, for whom the conference is named, was an esteemed soil scientist whose work during the early part of the 20th century is still the basis for much of what we know about the physics of soils.

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