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Interpreting soil analytical data

Bottom line: A good understanding of soil chemistry data is critical to the development of sound fertility and agronomic management programs in turf. But all too often, we are taught to interpret this information as though there is a single "perfect" value for each soil nutrient that we must strive to achieve. In a different approach to understanding soil chemistry data, we have applied a mathematical method known as "fuzzy logic" to help demonstrate that there is no such thing as a perfect level for each nutrient. Instead, there is a very large range of values that can result in high quality turf. This more realistic approach, outlined in the document "Demystifying soil analyses" can help you in the design and implementation of more streamlined, effective and successful fertility programs. For comparison, conventional soil guidelines have also been presented below. Both documents can assist you in interpreting soil analytical data and making well informed decisions on soil fertility programs.

Printable full report: Demystifying soil analyses (394 kb pdf)

An approach to minimize inputs while maintaining good quality turf: Minimum Level for Sustainable Nutrition soil guidelines

For a more conventional look at soil guidelines, refer to: Conventional soil guidelines (126 kb pdf)

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