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Testing the Aqua-PhyD Water Conditioner

Summary: A study was designed to evaluate the water quality claims made for the Aqua-PhyD water conditioner, specifically the company brochure’s claim that "Reclaimed water is perfect for the AQUA-PHYD system. It will significantly reduce the salts and chlorides found in reclaimed, run-off, and recycled water".

Analytical tests were conducted on water before and after passing through the Aqua-PhyD water conditioner that had been installed between the irrigation lake and irrigation heads on a California golf course. The results indicate that the Aqua-PhyD water conditioner did not alter any parameters of irrigation water chemical composition, including salts and chlorides, as evaluated using standard analytical chemical methods.

Aqua-PhyD’s literature also claims beneficial effects on soils as well. The impact of the Aqua-PhyD water conditioner on soil quality was not evaluated in this study.

The full print version of this report (14Kb) is now available on PACE's Super Journal website.

Principal investigators: Larry Stowell, Ph.D., CPAg (PACE Turfgrass Research Institute)

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