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Phytotoxicity of rye removal herbicides to seashore paspalum

Summary: A small plot replicated trial was conducted to evaluate the phytotoxicity of rye removal herbicides to seashore paspalum. Of the treatments tested, Kerb and Revolver produced no significant damage to paspalum, with or without the addition of a chelated iron supplement (Sprint 330). Monument produced significant damage to paspalum that lasted approximately 4 weeks at both rates tested. The addition of Sprint 330 did not alleviate this effect.

Full print version of report (336 KB)

Investigators: Wendy Gelernter, Ph.D. and Larry J. Stowell, Ph.D., CPPP, CPAg

Cooperator: Brian Darrock, Fairbanks Ranch Country Club

Sponsor: Chris Olsen, Bayer; Dean Mosdell, Syngenta

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