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Greens Firmness Management Project

Summary: On January 23, 2006, Santa Ana Country Club and the PACE Turfgrass Research Institute embarked on a multi-month study to study the issue of greens firmness by characterizing the current situation and then identifying management practices that can help to achieve more consistent greens firmness throughout the year. Factors contributing to greens firmness were identified, with soil moisture a key component. Greens were characterized by golfers as performing well, with good surface firmness, on the 1/23/06 evaluation date. Based on data collected 1/23/06, a tentative range of 15 – 25% soil moisture was identified as the target for producing optimal levels of firmness (tentatively characterized as ranging from 70 – 125g on a Clegg meter).

Full print version of report (460 KB)

Investigator: Larry J. Stowell, Ph.D., CPPP, CPAg

Cooperator: David Zahrte, CGCS, Santa Ana Country Club

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