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Evaluation of Mach 2 formulations and Application Strategies for Curative Control of Black Cutworms

Summary: In a replicated field trial on a bentgrass nursery at La Jolla Country Club, La Jolla, CA, the effect on black cutworm populations of formulation type, removal of turfgrass clippings, and post-treatment irrigation was evaluated. Key results include:

  • Overall, performance of the SC formulation was better than that of the granular formulation of Mach 2. Regardless of the post-treatment management strategy employed, the SC formulation was as effective as the commercial standard (Talstar). However, the granular formulation of Mach 2 had consistently higher black cutworm populations than either Mach 2 SC or Talstar treated plots.
  • Removal of clippings did not have a significant impact on the performance of either formulation of Mach 2, although there was a non-statistical trend in this direction for the granular, but not the SC formulation.
  • Post-treatment irrigation had no impact on the performance of either Mach 2 formulation.

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Principal Investigators: Wendy Gelernter, Ph.D. and Larry J. Stowell, Ph.D.

Cooperator: Bruce Duenow, La Jolla Country Club

Sponsors: Rohm and Haas


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