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Evaluating the sodium hazard in your irrigation water

In the June 28, 2010 Super Journal report, "Evaluating the sodium hazard in your irrigation water" (188 KB pdf document), we present some new tools that will help you to get a more accurate estimate of the sodium hazard in your irrigation water. In order to help identify the most accurate estimate of sodium hazard, we have consulted several publications (including FAO Handbook 29, which is the standard guideline that most researchers and practitioners rely upon) and academics (most notably Dr. Don Suarez of the USDA Salinity Laboratory in Riverside, CA), and based on this input we have generated a mathematical model and accompanying spreadsheet. The spreadsheet will allow you to rapidly compute the sodium hazard for your irrigation water, based on data from your water quality reports.

Project title: Tools for estimating sodium hazard based on irrigation water quality reports

Principal investigator: Larry Stowell, Ph.D., CPAg and Wendy Gelernter, Ph.D.

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