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Control of Black Turfgrass Ataenius Adults and Grubs

Summary: A trial evaluating the efficacy of various insecticides for control of black turfgrass ataenius adults and grubs was initiated on a bentgrass nursery at Los Coyotes Country Club, Buena Park, CA. Key results include:

  • The strategy of using pyrethroid insecticides to target adult black turfgrass ataenius (BTA) to control subsequent generations of BTA grubs was shown to have merit, if applications can be carefully timed to target the peak summer generation(s) of adults. Using this strategy, grub control was observed for as long as eleven weeks after insecticide application.
  • Various formulations and rates of two different pyrethroid insecticides (l cyhalothrin [Scimitar] and deltamethrin [Deltagard]) produced significant reductions in both adult and grub counts on most sampling dates, with the exception of the low rate (0.11 oz/1000 sq ft) of the Scimitar 10 WP formulation, which failed to produce significant reductions in grub populations.
  • The performance of a larvicidal product, thiamethoxam, was excellent, with grub populations maintained at extremely low levels for the duration of the trial (11 weeks). Both formulations of thiamethoxam (granular and wettable granule) performed as well as imidacloprid (Merit), the current commercial standard for white grub control. Despite the very good performance of some of the pyrethroid formulations, the two larvicidal products tested (thiamethoxam and imidacloprid) provided more consistent and more effective control of larval BTA for the duration of the trial. In addition, the application timing requirements for the larvicidal products are less stringent than for adult-active pyrethroids, making the larvicides somewhat easier to use effectively.

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Principal Investigators: Wendy Gelernter, Ph.D. and Larry J. Stowell, Ph.D.

Cooperator: Bill Gallegos, Los Coyotes Country Club

Sponsors: Agrevo, Novartis, Zeneca


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