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Effect of Primer Applications on Nutrient Leaching in Turfgrass Greens

Summary: A replicated experiment was designed to evaluate the effect of Primer on the leaching of nutrients on a Poa annua golf course green. Following six monthly applications of Primer at 6 oz/1000 square feet, analyses conducted on soil samples from 1, 2 and 4 inches depths revealed no significant differences between treated and untreated plots in levels of over 20 nutrients including, sodium, magnesium, calcium, total salts, and even the highly leachable potassium. In addition, no phytotoxicity and no effects on turf quality were observed in areas treated with Primer. On the basis of these results, multiple applications of Primer to turfgrass do not increase leaching of nutrients in the soil.

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Investigators: Wendy Gelernter, Ph.D. and Larry J. Stowell, Ph.D., CPPP, CPAg

Cooperator: Mark Schaer, San Luis Rey Downs

Sponsor: Stan Kostka, Aquatrols

Evaluation of Manure Ash Fertilizer Formulations to Provide Nitrogen

Summary: Three manure ash products were formulated for use at golf courses to supply potassium and nitrogen. Product 1 (P1) is a potassium (K) source primarily using ash. Product 2 (P2) is a K and nitrogen (N) source using ash and urea. Product 4 (P4) is a potassium and nitrogen source using ash and blood meal. Eco Soil Systems 0-2-34 was used as a commercial product comparison.

Each product was applied to a golf course approach area to determine efficacy in delivering potassium and nitrogen to the turfgrass. Turfgrass tissues collected from P2 treated areas reported significantly higher K and N levels than the other treatments. All three products increased tissue potassium levels compared to the non-treated check plots two weeks after treatment (WAT). None of the products provided significant increases in tissue K or N at the 4 or 6 WAT evaluations. In addition, none of the products significantly increased soil K levels. Product 2 performed significantly better than the commercial standard (Eco Soil Systems 0-2-34) based upon 2 WAT tissue evaluations. Products 1 and 4 were equivalent to the commercial standard for K and N tissue levels but both products exceeded the commercial standard in clipping weight at 2 WAT. Based upon these results and the discussion below, all three products are suitable for use as potassium sources and the nitrogen containing products 2 and 4 improved turfgrass color.

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Principal Investigator: Larry Stowell

Cooperators: Eric Lover and Tony Miller, Dove Canyon Country Club

Sponsor: New Charleston Power, El Centro, CA

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