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Evaluation of Manure Ash Fertilizer Formulations to Provide Nitrogen

Summary: Three manure ash products were formulated for use at golf courses to supply potassium and nitrogen. Product 1 (P1) is a potassium (K) source primarily using ash. Product 2 (P2) is a K and nitrogen (N) source using ash and urea. Product 4 (P4) is a potassium and nitrogen source using ash and blood meal. Eco Soil Systems 0-2-34 was used as a commercial product comparison.

Each product was applied to a golf course approach area to determine efficacy in delivering potassium and nitrogen to the turfgrass. Turfgrass tissues collected from P2 treated areas reported significantly higher K and N levels than the other treatments. All three products increased tissue potassium levels compared to the non-treated check plots two weeks after treatment (WAT). None of the products provided significant increases in tissue K or N at the 4 or 6 WAT evaluations. In addition, none of the products significantly increased soil K levels. Product 2 performed significantly better than the commercial standard (Eco Soil Systems 0-2-34) based upon 2 WAT tissue evaluations. Products 1 and 4 were equivalent to the commercial standard for K and N tissue levels but both products exceeded the commercial standard in clipping weight at 2 WAT. Based upon these results and the discussion below, all three products are suitable for use as potassium sources and the nitrogen containing products 2 and 4 improved turfgrass color.

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Principal Investigator: Larry Stowell

Cooperators: Eric Lover and Tony Miller, Dove Canyon Country Club

Sponsor: New Charleston Power, El Centro, CA

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