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Brown ring patch project receives GCSAA funding

The project, "Management and Biology of Brown Ring Patch on Annual Bluegrass Greens", led by researchers Frank Wong, Ph.D., University of California, and Larry Stowell, Ph.D., PACE Turf, has received two years of funding from the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America. A total of $62,000 will be provided to the project over a 2-year period. Contributing to this funding were the national GCSAA office, as well as:

  • the GCSA of Central California
  • the GCSA of Northern California
  • the GCSA of Southern California
  • Hi-Lo Desert GCSA
  • San Diego GCSA
  • Sierra Nevada GCSA
  • California State Chapter GCSA

Brown ring patch, caused by the fungus Waitea circinata var. circinata is causing increasing damage on Poa annua greens. The full text of the proposal can be reviewed in this document.

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