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Growth potential for C3 and C4 grasses

The animated GIFs for cool season grasses (C3_GP) and warm season grasses (C4_GP) were created by plotting Growth Potential (GP)  based upon 30 year normal average monthly temperature (data from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration 1950-1980 - tempertures are likely a little higher now, but the trends will be similar) for each zipcode by latitude and longitude. There are about 40,000 data points plotted per month. The GP model has been modified a couple of times over the years, most recently to maximize C4 growth potential when average temperature exceeds the estimated optimum temperature for C4 grasses (88 F or 31.1 C). Refer to this graph for an illustration of the GP model functions.

MLSN and GP at the 2017 GIS

Jason Haines (@PenderSuper on Twitter) and Larry Stowell (@paceturf on Twitter) taught a half-day course on Minimum Levels for Sustainable Nutrition (MLSN) guidelines and Growth Potential (GP) to more than 100 golf course superintendents from around the world. The slide presentation and handout materials used for the course have been provided at the links below:

Global Soil Survey 2015 Report

The Global Soil Survey was launched in August, 2013 to enlist turf managers from around the globe to collaborate in the development of new, more sustainable turf nutrient guidelines. After two years, there are several key results to report:

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More information on the Global Soil Survey for Sustainable Turf:

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