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Tips on writing photo titles and descriptions

A note on spelling: Check the spelling of your title and description with a dictionary, an on-line spell-checker or a helpful friend or spouse. You have put a lot of work into the photo and you are trying to convey your technical know-how and professionalism. Don't ruin the effect with a poor spelling!

Titles: Titles should be very brief -- 5 words or less -- and should grab the observer's interest by honing in on the most important feature of the photograph. "Anthracnose on poa" or "Beneficial ladybird beetle" are examples of good titles. Avoid long, narrative titles such as "Anthracnose on this poa green occurred after long heat spell and tournament in Chicago, IL." This type of information should be left for the description (see below).

Descriptions: Even the best photographs are rarely self-explanatory. They require a description, or caption, of 50 words or less, that, at a minimum, should include the following information:

  • who or what is in the photo
  • when and where the photo was taken
  • who the photographer is

The description should be easy to read, and should be able to stand alone (it should make sense, even if the photo is not present). Examples of photos with good titles and descriptions appear below.

Wetting fork for LDS management
A wetting fork can be used to re-wet areas with severe localized dry spot. Bentgrass green, southern California, 1993. Photo by L. Stowell.

Waitea patch control on poa green
Waitea patch control. Non-treated (top) vs. Endorse 4 oz/1000 sq ft (bottom) 2 wks after treatment (5/26/06). Other good-performing treatments included (rates in oz/1000 sq ft) 26GT (4), Heritage (0.4), Banner Maxx (2), Medallion (0.5). Poa green, Torrey Pines GC, San Diego CA. Photo by L. Stowell

Drought stress
Drought stress on Poa annua collar due to irrigation programming discrepancies. Southern California, 2005. Photo by L. Stowell

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