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Soil Analytical Laboratories

The following analytical laboratories conduct soil and water nutritional analyses. Many also conduct plant tissue analyses. PACE's guidelines for soil nutrition, irrigation water quality, and turfgrass tissues are available on this site. Please note that this is only a partial listing of analytical labs.

PACE Turf utilizes Brookside Laboratories for most analytical laboratory services, soil, tissue, water, geotechnical and environmental. Brookside Laboratories Inc., and it's association of independent consultants, stand at the leading edge of technology for high-quality and accurate analytical services to agriculture, environmental and sports turf throughout the world.

Brookside Laboratories Phone: 419-977-2766

Other laboratory options are listed below:

Cooperative Resource International- Harris Laboratories Phone: 402-476-0300

Logan Labs Phone: 937-842-6100

Servi-Tech Laboratories Phone: 800-557-7509

A & L Laboratories Phone: 800-264-4522

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