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Large patch symptoms on Zoysia japonica at left and no symptoms on Zoysia matrella at right

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Large patch (Rhizoctionia solani) has been observed to be more prevalent on noshiba (Zoysia japonica) than on korai (Zoysia matrella) in Japan. This photo shows large patch symptoms on noshiba at left and no symptoms on korai at right.

Large patch is also observed to be more prevalant on turf cut at a lower mowing height. That is a confounding issue for these types of observations in Japan, because most golf course tees and fairways are korai, and most golf course roughs are noshiba; therefore the most susceptible grass species is grown at one mowing height and the more resistant grass species is maintained at a lower mowing height. In this photo, however, the grasses are growing side-by-side in the same fairway, and the photo, taken on April 19, 2023 by Andrew McDaniel, in Fukuoka, Japan, shows the different disease symptoms on the two species.

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