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La Nina impacts US and Australia

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This interesting conversation about drought and rainfall took place on Twitter.  Current and forecasted rainfall for the northern hemisphere winter season is expected to be lower than normal and drought will persist in the southern US. The opposite is true for the southern hemisphere summer season in Australia that is expected to see higher than average rainfall. Steven A. Spatafore (@spattyspat on Twitter) commented that "we are starting the winter behind the curve in rain in Northern California. 0.00" in September and October. Any guesses what lies ahead in November?" PACE Turf (@PACETurf on Twitter) replied, "Don't expect much rain. A solid La Nina has set in for the the winter. Typically lower than normal rainfall. Salinity management will be difficult." In response to our lamenting about the difficult times we anticipate in the northern hemisphere due to drought, our friends in Australia are happy with the extra rainfall delivered by this year's La Nina down under, Juri Kaapro (@Amplify_Turf) feels the La Nina is "good for us after a long drought." Wildfires have been burning up both countries in recent years. 

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