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Green spots

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Mel Waldron III, CGCS at Horton Smith Golf Course (@3sticksCGCS on twitter) posted this photo in April, 2018. His bent/poa greens in South West Missouri are on USGA sand and were fertilized 13 days prior to the photo. Green spots did not show up until 12 days after the fertilizer application. The fertilizer was a 16-4-8, 14.4% ammoniacal, 1.6% urea, particle size was 145 SGN applied at 0.5 lbs N/1000 sq ft. The green spots are thought to be the result of the granular fertilizer application. Mel noted that he has been cutting back on inputs and by this time of year he has made two granular applications of 1/2 lb N/1000 sq ft, and then he switches to spray application until fall aeration. Cold weather pushed all management practices back and he suspects that the grass was hungry when the first spring application of nitrogen was applied.

Cultural Practices

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